I will see you again Nikki

24 Sep

Friends, Nikki went to sleep at 8pm.

To borrow the words of someone else, Nikki fell asleep not forever but for the moment between the death of her body and the awakening of her spirit in the radiance of grace where she belonged.

Especial thanks to all those people who made Nikki’s life enjoyable over the last year. Your kindness has meant a lot to Nikki and me.

Goodbye Nikki


“Too early!”

13 Sep

Or, “There’s no such time as 6:30am Dad”.

Too early

A Nikki Health Update

11 Sep

Ill Dad

So on Sunday:

  • lump/growth was removed from her small intestine.
    it’s been sent for analysis, to see whether it’s benign or not.
  • the operation was easy to do according to “Tom” the surgeon.
  • Nikki was mostly “out of it” as an after-effect of the anaesthetic.
  • Nikki slept all of Sunday.
  • My wallet was about $1000 lighter. 😦


  • I woke up in a fair amount of back pain.
    Carrying Nikki around had an effect.
  • Nikki wouldn’t leave my side.
  • She would cry if I went out of sight.
  • At night, Nikki was shivering with pain, so I spent a fair amount of time just cradling her in my arms.


  • Nikki decided to get up and get for a wander at 12am, 1am & 3:30am.
    By 3:30am, I was getting exasperated.  Nikki finally settled down, and I got a small amount of sleep.
  • Nikki sleep most of today, and nibbled at her food tonight.

A lump in her intestine

8 Sep

So Nikki went under anaesthetic today for a needle biopsy.  A lump was found in her small intestine.  Nikki has been sleeping since we got home at 2pm.  She’ll be operated on tomorrow to remove the lump.  I suspect it’ll be a long day.

“Dad, why am I in the shower?”

7 Sep

Shower Nikki

(That’ll be because Nikki, you rolled in some greasy dirt just before I had to leave for work.)


3 Sep


(Nikki sleeping after a short walk)

“It was horrible Dad”

2 Sep

(MetroDogs dog wash at Newport Victoria)

Dog wash unhappy

Things which didn’t work well:

Dog Wash 2

  • “Rinse” function didn’t work.
  • Warm water alternated between “warm” and freezing cold.
  • Water nozzle wasn’t adjustable.

Dog Wash 1

  • Was grubby.
  • Door latch was close to falling off.

Nikki won’t be going back there.